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Harness the power of computer applications to craft winning strategies and make innovation a reality. RCM’s BCA course, which is one of the Best BCA college in Orissa equip you with the skills and techniques to develop executive-level strategy, organize for innovation, and discover customer jobs to be done in a simple and an automated way. 

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Why Should you go for a BCA Course?

A BCA course is backed with positives that makes it a popular educational choice for students over other highly rated courses. Below are a few points that account for the increasing popularity of BCA course. So, let’s have a glance at them. 

BCA Course: Career Prospects 

The IT industry is growing at a rapid pace and the demand for BCA graduates, too, is growing in a linear manner. After completing BCA program, students can land on lucrative job opportunities in leading IT companies such as Oracle, IBM, Infosys, and Wipro.

Some of the roles that you can pursue after completing a BCA program is a System engineer, software tester, junior programmer, web developer, system administrator, software developer, etc. 

A BCA graduates’ career is not limited to the public sector. They have a million opportunities in the public sector as well. Government organizations like the Indian Air Force (IAF), Indian Army, and India Navy also hire a large bunch of computer professionals for their IT department. These jobs are highly sought after by BCA graduates.  

Ample Scope For Higher Studies 

After getting a degree in BCA program, you have a window of opportunities opened up for you for higher studies. The number of options is significantly higher than most of the prominent UG courses available.  

The posts that one could avail for after completing this program also present themselves in a wide horizon. Choosing a career in IT won’t be a difficult task for students doing a BCA course since all of its domains are equally profitable.  

A Combination of General and Advanced Computer Applications

One of  the Best BCA college in Orissa, RCM, provides you with the entire framework of the entire BCA course helps you to make applications-based thinking every day. The syllabus ensures deep learning of analytical skills, including analysis involved in computer systems and technology. What’s more? The advanced concepts that emphasize on the application of software’s to solve scientific as well as commercial problems.  

On-the-Go Tech-Powered Learning

The high-tech classes and the virtual learning sessions, that set RCM apart as one of the Best BCA college in Orissa, are so incredibly engaging that it will change your entire outlook of a regular class. It’s an immersive experience too because you get to solve real challenges faced by seasoned leaders across a variety of tech industries. 

360 Degree Learning Feedback

A few weeks into the BCA program, RCM will assign you a faculty based on the information collected from self-assessment. This will give an insight into your strong and weak areas from a range of viewpoints that will help us proactively assess you. The assigned faculty will then build individual assessments tailored to your weak areas.  

At RCM, we believe that the best way to make learning relevant for students is to show them in stark terms where they have gaps. This is what makes RCM one of the Best BCA college in Orissa.

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Course Fees

Course Fee For BCA: Rs. 1,60,000/-
During AdmissionRs. 10, 000/-
1st SemesterRs. 25, 000/-
2nd SemesterRs. 25, 000/-
3rd SemesterRs. 25,000/-
4th SemesterRs. 25,000/-
5th SemesterRs. 25,000/-
6th SemesterRs. 25,000/-

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel Fees
AC RoomNon-AC Room
1st YearRs. 38, 000/-Rs. 25, 000/-
2nd YearRs. 38, 000/-Rs. 25, 000/-
3rd YearRs. 38, 000/-Rs. 25, 000/-


In the campus Canteen, AC Restaurant, Snacks bar, Juice parlour etc are available for the students.

Fooding Amount : ₹ 4500/-per month

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Quality education that builds the fundamental concepts, necessary skills, along with the practical knowledge, and lead to a successful career.


RCM’s MBA department is backed by highly skilled faculties, with the adequate infrastructure that

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