Master of Finance and Control (MFC)

Be a Trusted Professional in Finance.

Our premier program, led by renowned finance faculties, helps you understand the value of your strategic decisions and gain a broader understanding of various sophisticated tools of modern finance that teach you to evaluate any organizational structure and its competitors effectively. 

Fields and Career Paths for Someone with A Master's in Finance

A Master’s in Finance and Control can open career opportunities in:

Corporate finance:

In MFC, you will be involved with capital structure and valuation, financial strategy, and long-term financing of organizations in the corporate sector.

International finance:

At RCM, we will give you quality training in global economics, international accounting, and international financial laws. Along with these you get expert training in regulations and knowledge of investment opportunities in global markets.

Investment banking:

With us, build capital for entities. Equip yourself with qualities to facilitate mergers and acquisitions and help carry out complex or large financial transactions.

Risk management:

Learn how to manage financial risks through interactive and extensive risk management courses. We would train you to limit the probability of a financial loss or a company’s exposure to financial uncertainty.

Financial analyst:

Financial analysts are required to evaluate the performance of bonds, stocks, and other investment types. We will teach you all the financial trends and help develop strategies that get results as per the trends.

Financial manager:

At RCM, we build future successful financial managers who are responsible for overseeing all financial activities in a company.

Chief financial officer (CFO):

As a Chief Financial Officer, you will be responsible for the overall financial health of a company. At RCM, we make you fully prepared to take strategic financial decisions that would benefit the company you’ll work for.

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Why RCM?

The Course Format:

The real-world exercises and case studies will equip you with an intuitive knowledge of financial principles and enable you to understand the market in which any organization operates, create and assess value, and communicate decisions to financial stakeholders when the time comes. You will also learn to Identify ways to create and measure value in order to evaluate and pitch potential projects and examine how capital markets work and affect businesses.

Tech-Enabled Teaching:

Our well-equipped classrooms and virtual sessions provide uninterrupted and innovative instructions to empower you in today’s digital world with an advanced degree.

Exclusive Seminars and Webinars:

Make your learning limitless. Get access to an exclusive seminars and webinars by learned professionals and industry experts to get a real time insight on your industry.

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Course Fees

Course Fee For MFC: Rs. 1,00,000/-
During Admisssion
Rs. 10, 000/-
1st Semester
Rs. 25, 000/-
2nd Semester
Rs. 25, 000/-
3rd Semester
Rs. 20, 000/-
4th Semester
Rs.20, 000/-

Hostel Accommodation

Year Non A.C. Room A.C. Room
1st Year
Rs. 25,000/-
Rs. 38,000/-
2nd Year
Rs. 25,000/-
Rs. 38,000/-


In the campus Canteen, AC Restaurant, Snacks bar, Juice parlour etc are available for the students.

Note: ( University Registration fees, examination and other University dues are paid to University directly. )

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Quality education that builds the fundamental concepts, necessary skills, along with the practical knowledge, and lead to a successful career.


RCM’s MBA department is backed by highly skilled faculties, with the adequate infrastructure that

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